Friday, July 20, 2012

Return of the Mack (a mini post)

It's been two full weeks since my blaxploitation/70s nightmare with Usher. There has been no contact save a text message conversation regarding an earring I left there floating in his bed... SMH

Just when I mentioned in passing to a friend that I hadn't heard from him, not 15 minutes after that, he called.

I did not answer.

In the past 12 hours he has called 3 times.

I have NOT answered.

And he's left the most charming messages...

"Hey baby. You ready for Daddy's cum yet?"

"I'm trying to put together a little freak fest tonight. You know I can't do it without my bottom bitch." (yep. verbatim.)

"The party can't start until I hear from my slut mama. Call Daddy."

Oh, Usher...

There are no words.  *wall slide*

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