Tuesday, July 2, 2013

And YOU want to ask WHY I'm single?

*sigh* (note the time stamps)

7:32 am
Idiot:  you up?

8:22 am
Me: I am now. 

I:  Lol... I just wanted to know if you were free now

M: Free for what? I'm barely awake.

I: To spend some time cuddling

M: You don't want to "cuddle" Idiot... Just say what you want. It's too fucking early for me to be in "decipher what this means" mode...

I: Lol.. It does start shit.. But i do want to see you.. And fuck yea i miss the other stuff. 

M: the last sentence should have been the first. You funny. "other stuff"

I: You seem frustrated with me.. We good?

M: nope. We ain't good. You resurface a full year after our few times hanging out. You claim you want to see me, I told you I was in a shitty mood but you insisted so I let you come by. You ask me did I want to go for a drive, I said sure. You attempt to molest me while you're driving, then get in YOUR feelings when I don't want to suck your dick in the car... Yet here you are not 2 months later sending messages about "cuddling" and "missing" shit when in reality all you want to do is fuck. I understand that our past interaction might have you believing I would be cool with that, but I'm not. That's not where I am right now. You want to be my friend, that's one thing but I don't need a fuck buddy. AT ALL. So miss me with the fake concern and chitchat. I see you.

I: And I'm cool with that.. But that's how i came off to you.. And that's my fault... I apologize.. That's why i thought you needed a cuddle buddy.. Lol.. I like to see you smile.

(Womp. Womp. I can't even respond... He still comes back with the "cuddle buddy" SMH)

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