Thursday, November 7, 2013

Poetry as Reality.

The Angst

I so want to believe in you
But I’ve been wrong before...

This giddy
This lust
This tumble
This roll
The smile that starts in my stomach
When your voice is in my ear
Awakening to thoughts
Of eyes that turn to lips that turn to hands that
Touch me in places
Real and imagined
It really
Happens again

This happy
This dance
This saunter
This fall
Oh this delicious fall into the lilt of voice
And the way your tongue moves me
Light on your skin
And joy in your step translating to joy in my heart
A rush to be near
To hear and listen like never before
A connection
A chance to be more

This sunshine
This light
This joyous
This free
Soaring on clouds
And walking on air
From untethered dreams
And shortness of breath
And then

Shortness of call
And brevity of conversation
And hope to doubt
And promise to pessimism
And a universe shift
That sends me flailing
Sliding into an uncertainty that was rock solid what seems like
And before and before
I felt and I had
When all I want
Is I have and I know and I feel
And I love
And you are now

This hurtful
This pain
This ugly
This scab
This hump of a thing to get over
No longer light
Nor right
Nor just
Because I have been here before
And I want to believe in you
Just believe
In what I feel
And trust
In what you say
And show

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