Sunday, January 19, 2014

It was Written

There is nothing quite as sweet or endearing as handwritten words on a page... Even more so when the writer has unexpectedly jumpstarted your cold, unsentimental heart. I was going through my chest of drawers today and found this gem. The words mattered far less than the sentiment, but I was smitten.


Dear H-----,

In my attempt to get all up in your drawers, I am sending you a short note. (Also my phone is busted) Indeed our relationship has taken off in a great way. Quite unexpectedly honestly. Yes, you are a sexy woman and your audition was very persuasive but it was more. Perhaps it is your sense of humor, which allows you to laugh at most of my hilarious jokes. Perhaps it is the explosive connection (your words) that you and I share which allows us to have fruitful conversations regularly... Very regularly.
Regardless it appears in the midst of our somewhat unorthodox love lives, we have found places for each other. I can't really call it but I do like it. I look forward to spending time with you. Getting our eyes and hands (etc.) on each other will tell a lot. It may define our relationship better or not, but I know it will satisfy this curiosity and allow two friends to finally meet and take it from there.


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